Meet a Mumma

This beautiful lady is Vong Vanet, she is a single mother of 5 beautiful children and is the newest family at H2H. Vanet lost her husband 4 years ago and since has struggled to earn an income. During wedding season she is a kitchen hand, washing 100s of plates and bowls. Vanet has an income of $30-$40 per month during this season, but lives off under $20 for the remaining months. Through all of this she knows the importance of education and proudly sends her children off to free khmer and english school everyday. Speaking no english yet she beams with pride as her babies great us with 'hello, how are you' in perfect english. Welcome to the family Vong Vanet! 

Bringing Hearts to Harmony First year RE-CAP

What an Amazing year it's been for Hearts to Harmony! Things have progressed more than we could have imagined and we have you to thank for it!

In April 2014 Hearts to Harmony became an official registered Australian Charity! 
A big Thank you to Tara Fanning of Geoff Missen Accounting Geelong, who has volunteered her time to do this for us. We are more grateful than you will ever know. 
With the intention of paying for all the University and school fees for 21 people, we were blessed to have so much support. Our first years payment totaled a whopping $5,000 for 10 people to be educated and to be following their dreams. 
The 3 eldest children were enrolled into Western International school, with their uniforms, new school shoes and books paid for by our Hearts to Harmony donors. They were set. It was all a big shock for the little village kids at the beginning and with no English language experience they ended up taking to it like a duck takes to water. 
Our eldest Raksa (aged 12) began averaging D's an E's on her end of semester exam. Now, 12 months in, our bright star is averaging A's and B's. The future is so bright for them now. 
Our youngest babies were then put into "Mustard seed School" They can now say the days of the week, months and count to 100! We couldn't be more proud. 

With 5 older students then enrolled in University, studying things such as, Law, Tourism and Hospitality, Fine arts and Banking and Finance and Engineering, they we set for the year ahead. 

We then faced our first unexpected bump in the road. Our beautiful Bora (aged 20) was complaining about a toothache. After a visit to the dentist Bora needed 10 bridges, 3 teeth out, and 6 root canals. OUCH!  We then decided it was time for all to have a check up at the dentist. 16 out of 21 had NEVER visited the dentist.
 It was a trip that lasted all day and is still continuing for a lot of the adults and children and their teeth were in such bad condition. And you guessed it, EVERYONE GOT BRAND NEW TOOTHPASTE AND TOOTHBRUSH, and not to mention demonstrations on how to use them! 

Then, a few weeks later, Valis (aged 24, studying Law) was diagnosed with Typhoid. This is a serious issue and was on antibiotics and a lot of rest for a few weeks. What a set back for our up and coming lawyer! 

What are we doing now you ask?

Well we have just started our first stages of our expansion! 
We are increasing our family of 21 to 36! This means more rices bag drop off's, more hygiene packs, hygiene education workshops, more water-wells and toilet facilities! 
So to kick start this new project we are launching a 3 month 'Fund A Family Campaign' called 'Bringing Hearts to Harmony'. 

By holding an event, you can help us get the word out and raise the funds for this project. 

So what’s the plan? H2H will be providing each family with the necessities and then following up on a monthly basis. Initial support lasts for a year and ongoing support will then be evaluated. Each family will receive:

-       -Toilet / water pump

-       -Monthly bag of rice

-       -Hygiene pack (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner)

-       -Hygiene education workshops

-       -Bicycle

How can you help?? We’re asking our supporters around the world to help out by throwing a fundraiser for H2H’s new project. We’ve got fun ideas, tshirts, flyers and endless enthusiasm to help you help us! You could:

-      - Garage sale

-       -Tea party

-       -Raffle

-       -Market stalls

        -Gold coin donations

-       -Casual work days

-       -Dinner Party

-       -Fun run

-       -Movie night

-       -Or your own crazy idea!

Providing a family of 5 with these basic necessities costs just $500 dollars per year. That means it costs you just $1.37 per day to help improve the health and livelihood of an entire Cambodian family.

What a great way to get involved! 

We would like to send love and thanks to everyone who has helped us so far. Knowing we have the support and love from so many people makes everything so worth while. We value every cent donated and promise to continue to do our best. This is only the beginning! 

From everyone at Hearts to Harmony OR KUN THOM THOM!

Proud as punch

We are over the moon! Bunnat and Mesa are too smart for kindergarden and have been MOVED UP a grade. They are very excited to meet their new teacher and study with the "big" kids. These boys only started school six months ago and spoke no English. We are so proud of their efforts and cannot wait to see them grow and learn!

Care Packs

Four weeks ago we had a generous donation from Georgie Warren and Slavko Surla. The money was used to buy care packs for our little family. The basic essentials we take for granted at home! Thank you so much!