Setting an example

On our last visit to Tourns house we sat and had a discussing on the importance of setting a good example for her children. We spoke about the value of hard work and dedication and how by living these qualities Tourn would be setting a strong example for her children. 
She told spoke about her fear that her children would drop out of school as she did and was worried that an example had already been set. But what we didn't realize is the compassion she shows and her ability to share love has never come unnoticed by her children. 
This week on our latest visit, you can imagine our joy and heart warming surprise to see Tourns latest project. 
She told us that after our last visit she sat and thought about how she can improve her life herself, and how to show her children her own strength. 
She has started making woven mats to sell and generate more income. Each mat is intricate and time consuming, and she is still learning and practicing. 
We are so proud of her initiative and determination to be a positive role model for her children