A day of Hope

Today has been a day of waiting, worrying and hope as one of your beautiful Hearts to Harmony young adults went under the knife to remove a large lump from her breast. 

It all started on Monday when on one of our routine visits to some of the H2H families, our Project Manager Ali came to us worried and stressed as one young lady had complained with pain in her breast. 
They had visited a local Khmer doctor and was told without examination both breasts had to be removed, that just didn't sit right with us. 

So after a referral from a western doctor, we sat in the waiting room of the specialist clinic waiting for the results from an ultrasound. 

Emergency surgery was needed, but only to remove the lump not the whole breast. 

After a day of worried hearts and tear filled eyes, our beautiful girl is now in recovery. Keep her in your hearts as she continues to recover.