Papa's a... Farmer?

We just love this photo

This photo was snapped just after a delivery to Heng. It was such a special moment we just couldn't help but capture it so it stayed in our hearts forever. 
As we bounced down the bumpy road on the way to Heng's house she spotted us before we spotted her. Heng was helping to prepare food for a wedding in the village when she saw the truck bouncing down the road. We heard her screams of excitement before we saw her. She came running out of the wedding tent all claps and cheers.
After our greats and meets, after the donation exchange, and after the nutrition chats, as we were about to jump back on the bumpy road in our trusty truck, Heng ran over to her crops, grabbed a bag and starting filling it with fresh produce, She told Papa, if he plants this, he too can have his very own luscious crops. Now it was Papa who was cheering and clapping!

She told us it was now time for her to start giving back and if teaching Papa how to farm was the way to do it, then thats what she would do!

Oh how our hearts burst!